Therapy to Heal Your Relationships

You have been struggling with the end of another relationship. You find yourself confused, frustrated, angry and disappointed. You’re tired of opening your heart to yet another person only to be hurt again but at the same time you don’t want to give up on love. 

You’re ready for change. You want to heal your heart, let go of the past disappointments and have better relationships but you’re not sure how to do it. 

I help women create loving, authentic and satisfying committed relationships by healing their relationship with themselves and understanding their relationship patterns.

Are you ready to start therapy? We are located in Upper Marlboro, MD and also offer Telehealth or virtual appointments. Get started on your journey of healing today by setting up a free 15 minute phone consultation. 

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I also wrote a book called Sacred Relationships: Loving From The Inside Out that will support you in understanding how to create a more loving relationship with yourself and others. Click the link below to learn more about it.

Sacred Relationships Book