Relationship Counseling

Deep down you believe that relationships are worthwhile but a part of you is tired. You’re tired of getting into relationships with the same types of partners who ultimately are not a good match for you. When the relationship ends you feel sad, frustrated, angry, and confused. You find yourself asking the same questions, “Why didn’t I pay attention to the red flags?” Why did I allow this person in my life?” “Do I really have to go through another heartbreak, again?” 

You know that you play a part in the relationship madness but you don’t know where you start. You know that you are deserving of love and you still believe in love. You know that if you can build a more loving relationship with yourself and understand your relationship patterns better, you can attract the type of love relationships that will feel fulfilling. 

I help women better understand themselves and their relationship patterns so they can create healthy, balanced, and successful relationships. If you are ready to start your journey of discovering how amazing you are and attracting others who see this too, click here for a free 15 minute consultation

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